25 January

CIGSS, Day 2

Scientific conference


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Session 5 / Poster

Small-scale laboratory experiments and transport models


Molecular scale understanding of gas transport in clays

Sergey Churakov (PSI, Switzerland)


CO2 sealing capacity of sandy and shaly Opalinus Clay

Hyunbin Kim (University of Illinois, United States)


Experimental study of coupled hydro-chemo-mechanical processes of CO2 injection into a low-permeability sandstone

Iman R. Kivi (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)


Characterizing elastic stiffness, creep, and in-situ stress and their anisotropies of clay shales using pressuremeter testing

Lang Liu (SINTEF, Norway)


Geochemical hydrogen–pore water-Opalinus Clay interactions

Christian Ostertag-Henning (BGR, Germany)


Petrophysical and petrothermal characterization of caprock carbonate stringers: The Upper Muschelkalk in the Estopanyà syncline, South-Central Pyrenees

Pedro Ramirez-Perez (University of Barcelona, Spain)


Microbial processes responsible for hydrogen consumption in clay reservoirs

Camille Rolland (EPFL, Switzerland)


Sealing capacity of a pre-fissured caprock to CO2 injection (CS-C)

Eleni Stavropoulou (EPFL, Switzerland)


Factors controlling acid interactions with carbonate rocks

Atefeh Vafaie (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)


Project BiMiAb_H2: New experimental research to investigate hydrogen migration in reservoir and caprock layers

Philipp Weniger (BGR, Germany)


Seismic and ultrasonic monitoring of a shale seal exposed to CO2: a laboratory study

Sehrii Lozovyi (SINTEF, Norway)


Session 6 / Poster

Medium-scale rock laboratory experiments toward pilot-scale projects and associated advances in numerical simulations and sensing technologies


CO2 leakage through a stimulated fault in a claystone caprock

Prescelli Annan (ETHZ, Switzerland)


Fluid flow driven by rupture growth in low-permeability faults during high-pressure injection in shale caprocks

Frédéric Cappa (Geoazur, France)


Assessing caprock integrity in an acid gas storage project: a Middle East case

Martina Cervelli (Ad Terra Energy, Switzerland)


CO2 storage in salt basins: Influence of salt tectonics on seal integrity and containment risk

Sian Evans (University of Oslo, Norway)


Increasing process understanding in gas migration: investigations using the TH2M modelling approach

Vinay Kumar (BGR, Germany)


Fate of hydrogen gas injected in a clay-rich rock: an in situ experiment

Mélanie Lundy (ANDRA, France)


Hydro-geochemical scoping calculations for the CO2 Long-term Periodic Injection Experiment (CO2LPIE)

Jin Ma (University of Bern, Switzerland)


Storage capacity assessment for CO2/H2S in a depleted gas condensate reservoir

Nicolas Rangel Jurado (Ad Terra Energy, Switzerland)


GCS caprock potential of the Triassic Haisborough Group, Southern North Sea: insights from an onshore UK analogue

Simon Schneider (CASP, United Kingdom)


Field-scale hydro-mechanical simulation of a novel monitoring system for the CO2 Long-Term Periodic Injection Experiment (CO2LPIE) at the Mont Terri rock laboratory

Sri Kalyan Tangirala (CSIC-UIB, Spain)


Using the miniRUEDI within the context of the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory – potential and challenges

Yama Tomonaga (Entracers GmbH, Switzerland)


Fault slip in clay-rich rocks – influence of the interaction between water and clay minerals

Markus Rast (ETHZ, Switzerland)


Combined numerical and experimental investigation of

injection related effects in the CL experiment

Gesa Ziefle (BGR, Germany)


A borehole modular multi-sensor monitoring system (MMMS)

Martin Ziegler (swisstopo, Switzerland)


CO2LPIE — CO2 Long-term Pulse Injection Experiment (CL)

Martin Ziegler (swisstopo, Switzerland)




Session 7 / Poster

Local and regional geological and structural investigations and monitoring of potential sites


Distributed fibre-optic temperature monitoring in boreholes of a seasonal geothermal energy storage

Matthias Bühler (Marmota Engineering, Switzerland)


Modelling of Factors affecting Fault Stability

Pierre Cerasi (SINTEF, Norway)


Well integrity monitoring for large-scale CO2 storage – the LEGACY project

Bastien Dupuy (SINTEF, Norway)


Overview of structure, geometry, fluid flow and seismo-mechanical properties of clay-rich fault zones drilled by the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) in active subduction margins: insights for gas storage

Jade Dutilleul (TotalEnergies, France)


Evaluation of faulted topseal integrity for CCS:

analogues from sub-surface post-mortem well analyses and shale-rich fault outcrops

Maria El Hage Moussa (TotalEnergies, France)


Regional characterization of clay formations for multi-barrier CO2 storage opportunities in North Germany

Franz May (BGR, Germany)


Workflow to determine the potential of leakage from CO2 storage reservoirs along fractures and faults triggered by uplift

Rafael F. Mesquita (Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom)


Targeted CO2 storage monitoring in a multi-layer stratigraphic system

Geetartha Dutta (University of Trondheim, Norway)


Visit of Mont Terri rock laboratory


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